18 Year Old Single Mother Thrives In Construction Work

Breaking barriers: Agnes Lakot at her work place

Breaking barriers: Agnes Lakot at her work place

With the rapid withdrawal of Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) from Northern Uganda, several youths who were already engaged in offering services or training felt that they were abandoned, since there was no planning of how such services would be phased out.

But unlike other youths who turned to drinking, gambling or prostitution, 18 year old Agnes Lakot chose to seek other alternatives to get training and engage in the construction business to earn a living.

The teenager is a primary six drop out and also single mother of two.

“I can build, plaster and even paint,” Lakot said.

She added that, “I earn shs15,000 shillings daily from my labour. Site supervisors take me seriously and don’t discriminate against me when hiring workers.”

The daily income has enabled her to provide for her two children considering that she is separated from her husband.

Her site supervisor at a construction site in Labuje, Kitgum town council, Mr Francis Okot said that likes her work.

“She is sometimes slow but does a perfect job. I know she will learn to be faster with time because she really loves her job. She comes to work on time and leaves at the same time as others,” Okot explained.

The site supervisor says he has worked with four other women and finds them good.

Lakot does not however think that the short course in brick laying and concrete practice is enough.

She is yearning for more training to be able to make a building plan for a house.

“I am trying to save money as I also look for other study opportunities to increase my skills in construction,” Lakot told this reporter.

She thinks that being able to earn more money will help her provide for her children and she will be able to offer them a better education that she never had.

Lakot noted that, “My seven year old daughter has finished primary two, her school expenses are going up. I need to start preparing myself for the big task ahead.”