Minister of youth and children a disgrace to the young population

Members of the Uganda youth network have said the Minister of Youth and Children affairs, Ms Evelyn Anite is a disgrace to the young population.

This was during a reflection lecture on strengthening civic engagement of young people held at Gulu University

One of the black Monday youth activists, Mr. Jomeo Richard notes ”We are tired of being used. We want to be recognized as stake holders and not participants as displayed by the minster of youth and children Ms Evelyn Anite. She embarrassed the young people by kneeling down before individuals who no longer count among the young people.”

The minister some time back knelt before President Yoweri Museveni to present a petition asking him to be the sole candidate for the National Resistance Movement during a retreat at Kyankwanzi.

He said that Anite kneeling and not asking for what benefits the young people disgraced the people of northern Uganda who have suffered.

Jomeo says that Anite should desist from frustrating interests of young people most especially taking advantage of northern Uganda for her selfish interests.

Another member from Uganda youth network, Mr Ali Harrison notes that in most times the young people are being used to fight wars for other politicians.

He says that they want the young people to appreciate the history of Uganda and be able to appreciate diversity and unity.