Museveni accepts to take on opponents in live TV debate

Picture of Museveni

President Museveni has today, Monday, told the press in Gulu that he is willing to take on Besigye and his other opponents in a ”live” TV debate . It comes shortly after Besigye challenged Museveni to a debate.(Photo:   Internet)

President Museveni has said he is ready to take on his opponents in a ‘‘live’’ TV debate.

The president said this on Monday while addressing the press at the 4th Division barracks in Gulu.

Museveni’s response follows a challenge from his old nemesis Kiiza Besigye of the Forum for Democratic Change who recently asked Museveni to a debate.

‘‘I have no problem taking on Besigye and the rest of the opposition in a live debate because I trust my mouth which can be able to speak even more eloquently than other politicians,’’ Museveni noted.

Uganda does not have a history of TV presidential debates.  Past attempts to have one have not been successful with Museveni not attending in person, preferring to send aides.

A potential presidential debate between the presumed leaders in the race; Museveni, Mbabazi and Besigye would be mouth watering.

At his Monday press conference, Museveni described his opponents as failures in life who had been given responsibilities but failed. He said he sacked Mbabazi because of incompetence (Editors NOTE: before he fell out with Mbabazi Museveni said Mbabazi was a hardworking man and entrusted him with several responsibilities leading to Mbabazi being nicknamed ‘‘Super Minister’’).