Newly donated Medical Equipment Lie Idle in Kitgum

Fore ground is the x ray machine and in the background are the dental equipments lying idle at the Out patient dept

X-ray and dental equipment donated by the ministry of health to Kitgum hospital has been lying ideal for the last three month because of no space to set them. The only x-ray machine at the hospital is currently down.  Patients in need of services are referred to privat health facilities or to St Joseph Hospital  (Photo: Dan Komakech)

A new x-ray machine and dental equipment recently donated by the ministry of health to Kitgum hospital are lying idle due to what the hospital authorities say is a lack of space on where to set the machines.

Addressing staff, local leaders and the public at the hospital on Friday, William Lulony the chairperson of the hospital board revealed that the equipment has been lying idle for the last three months.

Kitgum hospital was recently named by the ministry of  health as  the third best in provision of health services in the country in the financial year 20014/2015.

Lulony said the hospital management was in consultation with the office of the Chief Administrative Officer on funding for new building  for hosting the equipment.

“The health ministry contracted a supplier to install these equipments and if we don’t hasten the process then I am worried that anything can happen because contracts are always time frame based,” Lulony said.

Patients Speak Out

Jennifer Abur a patient says the hospital needs to fasten the process of installing the x-ray machine since the facility lacks any functional x-ray machine and clients diagnosed with fractures, tuberculosis and pneumonia among others asked to seek for x-ray services from private health facilities and the neighboring St. Joseph Hospital.

Dr Geoffrey Akena the Acting Medical superintendent confirms that the hospital is currently grappling without any functional x-ray machine since the only x-ray broke down recently, and efforts to get experts from Gulu regional referral hospital to repair the machine has not addressed the situation.

However the principal assistant secretary to the office of the Chief administrative officer Rhoda Oroma revealed that the district has already secured funds to establish the structures needed to set the new equipments from the ministry of health and that plans are underway to get a contractor for a new building to host the dental  and x-ray equipments. The new building is expected to take three months. The procurement process  to get  a contractor is already ongoing.