Police Beefs Security in Lamwo after South Sudan Incursion


Aswa region police spokesman said on Monday at the Northern Uganda Media Club that the South Sudan soldiers had been asked to follow the right procedures if they think Uganda is constructing a road in South Sudan territory (File photo).

The Uganda police says it has beefed up security in Madi Opei Sub County in Lamwo district after an incursion in the area by South Sudan soldiers.

Aswa region police spokesman Jimmy Okema told journalists at the Northern Uganda Media Club on Monday that about 300 South Sudan Liberation Army (SPLA) soldiers on Saturday entered the Uganda side of the border to protest a road construction in Uganda which the soldiers claimed was seven kilometers inside South Sudan.

The road on the Uganda side of the border is being constructed by a Chinese company.

Okema said the South Sudan soldiers were advised by the Lamwo authorities to lodge their complaints using the existing diplomatic channels between the two countries.

‘‘They were advised to use the right means. There is now no tension. The Chinese who are working on the road are continuing with their work,’’ Okema said.

The police spokesman said police has since been deployed in the area to avoid a repeat of the same situation and offer protection to the road contractors.

The South Sudanese have for some time now claimed that apart of Uganda in Madi Opei in Lamwo district belongs to them. Uganda denies the claims.