Gulu diabetes, Hypertension Association Fundraising for 500 million to Build Hospital



Members of the Gulu diabetes and hypertension association pose for a photograph at the beginning of a fundraising for 500 million shillings to build a specialist facility for treating non-communicable non- diseases (Photo by Denis Omony)

Gulu diabetic and Hypertension Association on Sunday launched a fundraising drive aimed at raising 500 million shillings for the construction of a hospital for the treatment diabetes and hypertension.

The hospital will be located in Laroo division, according to Dr Alice Lamwaka the Patron Gulu diabetic Association.

Speaking in an interview on Sunday, Lamwaka said that Gulu Referral Hospital does not have the capacity to handle emergencies like heart failures, which is often attributed to non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

“Based on what I have been seeing in the hospital[Gulu hospital], we don’t have an emergency unit and a number of patience brought in critical condition that need emergency attention ends up dying, “ Lamwaka who also works at the hospital said.

Lamwaka said that a survey conducted last year by Gulu University indicated that 17.8 percent of patients who visit Gulu hospital are diabetic and 33 are hypertensive.

She said her association intends to raise the 500 million shillings from well wishes.

“We are trying to get funding from well-wishers because there is no budget for the disease nor direct support from the NGO.”

A 10 km marathon race was part of the activities to launch the fundraising drive.

The Gulu sports department and the diabetic association said have dedicated every last Saturday of a month for a diabetic run to raise money for the hospital.

Gulu district sports officer Aldo Otto Koon asked the town’s residents to participate in the run to fight diabetes, hypertension and hepatitis B.