Mao calls for Unity Ahead of Elections


Picture of Mao

DP President Norbert Mao

Democratic Party president Norbert Mao has called for unity among the Acholi irrespective of their differences ahead of Thursday’s elections.

Mao said this yesterday evening while addressing a rally at Kaunda Grounds in Gulu town.

‘‘You may have differences but unity because it is important for Gulu and Acholi,’’ he said.

The Democratic Party president urged Acholi not to vote for Museveni because he does not represent Acholi and national interests.

‘‘Gulu occupies an important place in Acholi and northern Uganda. Gulu has never voted for Museveni and I urge you all not to vote for Museveni,’’ Mao said amid ululations from a large crowd in rally that went on past the 6 pm time allowed by the Electoral Commission.

Mao said he supports Go Forward candidate Amama Mbabazi who is standing on an independent ticket because he believes Mbabazi is the best placed to take over from Museveni by virtue of his understanding of the NRM and Museveni.

‘‘We are using a snake venom to take on another snake,’’ Mao said in reference to Mbabazi taking on Museveni. Before their fall out, Museveni and Mbabazi had worked together for 40 years.

Mao also asked the Acholi not to quickly forget what they went through during the two decades of devastating conflict that destroyed the region.

‘‘We Acholi should not forget the past so that we don’t forget where we want to go.’’

Power is with the people

The DP president also said power is with the people and not leaders.

‘‘The power is with you the people and not us leaders. Not even people with guns should have power over you because the gun was created by a human being meaning an intelligent human being can stop the gun,’’ he said.

At the rally Mao campaigned for a mixture of Democratic Party candidates including Leandro Komakech(DP) for Gulu Municipality, Geoffrey Otim(DP) for Gulu Mayor, Betty Aol Ochan(FDC) Gulu woman MP and Ojara Martin Mapenduzi(FDC), Gulu district Chairman, among others.