Pader Leaders Protest Asking For IDS From Locals To Access Operation Wealth Creation Seedlings

Beneficiaries of cattle restocking under PRDP2 during distribution at Awach Sub County Head quarters in Gulu district recently

In some instances beneficiaries have received cattle under  Operation Wealth Creation (OWC)

By Caroline Ayugi

Leaders in Pader district have called upon Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) to relax the guidelines set for one to benefit from the project.

This follows a recent incident in Latanya Sub County after locals were asked to produce National Identification cards before receive seedlings.

According to the LCIII of Latanya sub county, David Odokonyero, it was inappropriate for locals to be asked for National Identification cards.

“People came from far villages to get seedlings and they were not given since some had no IDs, while others did not come with them, “Mr. Odokonyero said.

‘‘I have received complaints from several locals who did not receive the seedlings and have forwarded their complaints to relevant authorities,” Odokonyero added.

“We thought the project came in the name of fighting poverty among the locals, why should the targeted beneficiaries again be frustrated yet they have already prepared their gardens?’’ asked the LC3 Chairman.

Maj. Charles Ojoma Okumu,  the In- Charge of OWC in Pader and Agago said it was a mistake to deny those without IDs seedlings.

“The ID issue has just been introduced of late for accountability, but we did not say that those without should not be given. There is still need to sensitize the locals because soon it will be one of the requirements, Maj. Okumu said.

LCV chairperson Pader district, Geoffrey Oringa Largo, called for coordination between the central and district leadership, saying that National Identification should not be an issue for one to denied access to OWC.

In the recent consignment, Pader received 35.000kgs of Maize, 14000 kgs of beans, 15,250 citrus seedlings, 80000 mango seedlings and 67000 kilograms of simsim seeds.