Water Shortage Looms in Gulu

Last year Oitino dam from were water for Gulu town residents is pumped dried up, causing a serious water shortage. Water levels at the dam have once more dropped.

A year after a water shortage hit Gulu, another shortage is looming, according National Water and Sewerage Cooperation [NWSC].

Water levels from Oyitino dam NWSC draws water from to supply residents have rapidly reduced.

NWSC officials say water levels at the dam have dropped to 2.6 meters from its original 4.5 meters.

Officials predict water levels will further drop in February due to soaring temperature.

NWSC Gulu Branch Manager Mr Stephen Gang, however, Acholi Times on Wednesday that there is no need for residents to panic.

Mr Gang attributed the drop in water levels at the reservoir to the dry spell and human activity around the dam and increase in demand.

“We advise our customers not to panic; we are doing our best to provide intervention measures in case the situation doesn’t normalize,’’ Gang said adding ‘‘We have installed a pump at Oyitino Dam 2 ready to deliver water to Oyitino dam 1 in case of emergency.”

The NWSC Gulu Branch Manager pointed out that due to the low water level, daily water supplies to more than 6,000 clients have dropped from 5,000 cubic meters to 3,186 cubic meters.

This is the second time Oyitino Dam is drying up in more than 23 years it has been operational after last year’s disaster that saw the dam drying to its bed causing an acute water shortage that lasted for three weeks.