Police Recovers 13 Million In Counterfeit In Omoro

Aswa region police spokesman Jimmy Patrick Okema

Police in Omoro district have recovered 13 million shillings in counterfeit.

Luck run out for both Michael Acio, 32, and Fredrick Bua, 33, all residents of Ojwina division in Lira Municipality after they attempted to buy eucalyptus from a one Acaye using the fake currency.

Acaye however realized that the money he had been given was fake witnesses to the sale notified the police.

Police found Acio and Bua with a bag containing chemicals they are believed to have used to make the counterfeit money, and also another 1 million shilling worth of the fake money.

The suspected fraudsters are now being held at Lalogi Central Police Station in Omoro district.

Mathew Olobo, an eyewitness suspects the suspects had already used some of their fake money.

Bosco Okuruwode, the Omoro OC CID confirmed the arrest and said the fake money was in the denomination of 20,000 and 50,000 shillings.

The police officer revealed that their preliminary investigation indicate that the fake money was made from Lira.

Police suspects the men are part of a group of high profile counterfeit dealers with elaborate connections in Kampala and with chemicals and a machine for printing counterfeit.

In November last year, suspected fake currency dealers were arrested by Police in Gulu after a tip off and were found in possession of fake Ugandan currencies amounting to 200 million shilling.