Drama in Amuru Court A Victim Demands Court Frees Rape Suspect

The Gulu court

There was drama on Friday at the Amuru Grade 1 Magistrate’s Court after an alleged rape victim demanded that the court releases the suspect rapist.

The victim (name withheld) pleaded with Joseph Angole, the Amuru Grade I Magistrate to release Denis Olanya saying she had had consensual sex with him (Olanya).

Police has preferred a rape charge against Olanya, a 19-year-old farmer from Pabbo in Amuru district.

Rape is a capital offence which can only be tried by High Court and on conviction, one could suffer death by hanging.

According to the girl, on that fateful day early this year, she visited Olanya at his home and had sex as lovers.

According to the girl, she was not coerced but she willingly made love to Olanya but not as alleged in the police file in which Olanya is accused of rape.

The woman’s plea for the release of the suspect sent the courtroom into bouts of laughter that last for close to five minutes.

Holding back her tears, the woman instead blamed her father for jailing her lover. She accused her father of ill-motive.

The magistrate however did not listen to the pleas of the woman for the release of the suspect and instead remanded Olanya to prison until April 7 this year when the accused will again appear in court.