Gulu former MP Set To Lose House After Court Ruling

Former Gulu Municipality MP Christopher Acire( in blue shirt)

Christopher Acire, the former Gulu Municipality Member of Parliament (MP) faces eviction from a commercial building in the heart of Gulu town house after High Court in Gulu on Wednesday dismissed his application to possess the building.

Acire’s trouble stem from his failure to vacate a house along Market Street in Laroo Division, Gulu Municipality that he had earlier sold to Joseph Oryem Oringa, a Gulu businessman who deals in motorbike and spare parts.

Acire’s 102 Gulu FM is housed in the disputed building. The building also houses the MP’s band which performs for a fee at events in Gulu.

Several attempts by Oryem since 2014 to possess the house from Acire has failed after the former legislator stubbornly refused to vacate the building arguing that he had never sold it.

Oryem went to court which ruled that he was the rightful owner of the building having bought it from Acire.

In a ruling in December last year, High Court Judge, Justice Vincent Okwanga, the Gulu resident High Judge ruled that court was satisfied with the evidence that adduced to prove that the building belonged to Oryem, having bought it from Acire.

According to documents produced before court, Acire sold the house to Joseph Oringa at a tune of 200 million shillings in March 22, 2014.

However, Acire turned around denying ever selling the house to Oryem. He instead said Oryem bought the house from Urib Wunu Mon Microfinance Organisation (UMFO), a village financial organization that was owned by Acire which has since collapsed.

On Wednesday this week court dismissed Acire’s argument that he had not sold the house

Court has set Thursday 20, 2017, for determination of the cost of the legal suit, and special and general damages Oryem suffered.