Pader Officials Want Balalo Evicted


The  Balalo and their cattle have for years now been a source of controversy in Acholi

Local leaders in Awere Sub County in Pader district have asked pastoralists commonly known as ‘‘Balalo’’ to leave the sub county.

Charles Odongtoo the Awere LC3 chairperson says there are hundreds of Balalo scattered across the sub county. The presence of the Balalo, Odongtoo said, is contributing to conflicts over land in the area.  Odongtoo says the conflicts are among family members who give land to the Balalo to graze their animals and among among community members as regards the boundaries of the land  given to the Balalo to graze their animals.

The LC3 Chairman says a number of people in the sub county offer land which does not belong to them to the Balalo due to what he termed ‘‘lust for money.’’

An acre of land for cattle grazing, according to local leaders in Awere, goes for at least 300.000 shillings per year.

Cecilia Acan the Awere sub county councilor representing women named that Opokrom, Bolo Opette and Rackokoko as the parishes with the highest number of Balalo in Awere.

Mrs. Ocan said the presence of the pastoralists is also causing domestic violence in homes in Awere since the men do not equally share with their wives the money offered by the Balalo.

The presence of the Balalo in Acholi has for years now been a source of controversy with reports that some of the pastoralists are armed. The pastoralists are also viewed with suspicion as people with intent to grab land in Acholi. Some, however, are just cattle traders who bring their cows to Acholi to fatten their animals because of plenty of pasture  in  the region before taking away their animals  for sale at higher prices in places like Kampala.