Northern Uganda Award Winning Artist Arrested Over Robbery

Aswa region police spokesman Jimmy Patrick Okema

Singer Edward Olak Okuni commonly known as Eddy Weezy has been arrested by police on allegations robbery and assault.

Eddy Weezy whose song ‘’Anga Obed Mujony’’ is a current hit on FM radios and social spots in northern Uganda was arrested on Sunday  one Patrick Kinyera at KSP hotel in Gulu town.

It is alleged that Weezy and Patrick Kinyera on February 1st beat up and locked their driver Walter Lacen in the boot of the vehicle they were travelling in, a Noah registeration number UAP 833R.

It is yet unclear why the duo allegedly beat up and locked their driver in the boot. Some accounts say they were drunk after the show.

In his statement to police, Lacen said he had transported Eddy Weezy and Kinyera using his vehicle for two separate musical shows in Lakwana trading centre Omoro district and Karuma in Kiryandongo  district.

Lacen claims the duo beat him up and locked him in the boot of the car while they were on transit from Karuma in Kiryandongo district to Gulu Town.

The Aswa River region Police Spokesperson Jimmy Patrick Okema in a social media statement shared with journalists on Monday confirmed arrest of the suspects.

The police spokesman said the driver of the car reported the matter to Police and a case of simple robbery was opened under SD: Ref 03/02/02/2019 but the suspect went in hiding until their luck ran off on Sunday when they were arrested.

Eddy Weezy was on January last year awarded the Northern Uganda artist of the year in the Northern Uganda Music Award event held in Gulu Town.