Former AMISOM Soldier Loses Artificial Limb in Domestic Brawl

A former peacekeeper in Somalia under the African Union Mission is stranded after losing his prosthetic limb after a domestic brawl with his wife.

Valentino Otto, 51, reveals that his wife Jenifer Laker removed his right artificial limb and disappeared with it during a dispute on Saturday last week.

Otto, a resident of Ayweri Parish in Paibona Sub County, said that his wife removed the artificial leg during a scuffle and later vanished with it.

The woman also took off with their five children and their whereabout remains unknown, according to Otto who also searched for his wife at their home in Paduny Parish, Awach Sub County in Gulu district.

Otto was amputated at the upper right limb after sustaining an injured right limb during a bomb blast from Somalia in 2013. He is now immobile since he has not secured a walking scratch. He secured the prosthetic limb with the help of the Uganda People`s Defence Force (UPDF). An artificial limb in Uganda cost between 1.5 to 2 million shillings.

Richard Watmon, the Paibona Sub County interim chairperson says the sub county has equally tried to search for Otto`s wife but in vain.

Moses Ogwang, the community liaison officer at Gulu central Police station has asked Otto to report the matter to police in order to help him search for the woman.

Ogwang says Laker can be charged with removing part of Otto`s body.