Lacor Hospital Management Denies Having Coronavirus Patient

By Jesse Johnson James

The management of St. Marys Hospital Lacor has denied rumour about the presence of a Coronavirus suspect in the  health facility.

“Following a rumour that there is a suspect of Coronavirus in the isolation ward at St. Marys Hospital Lacor, we would like to categorically state that we do not have such a case at the hospital,” read part of a statement the hospital released on Wednesday.

The hospital, however, conceded one of its staff is undergoing a 14-day self-quarantine upon his return from Italy last week as a precautionary measure, inline with guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

“He is being monitored by the health team from the Ministry of Health. He has no signs and symptoms of Coronavirus whatsoever,” the statement read.

The hospital appealed to the general public to wash their hands frequently with soap and water or use alcohol –based rubs, avoid shaking hands and hugging, avoid spitting in public, avoid travelling to countries hit by Coronavirus and to seek medical attention immediately when sick with fever, cough or difficulty in breathing.

“Our surveillance team has therefore scaled up its vigilance and is closely monitoring whatever is happening around as in as far as Coronavirus is concerned. The general public is advised to remain vigilant and calm but refrain from spreading false about the virus.”

Uganda has not yet registered a single case of the Coronavrius(Covid-19). Kenya, Rwanda and Ethipia have recorded cases.