Presidential Candidate Katumba Leaves Gulu Bemused, Promises Change

Youthful presidential candidate John Katumba walking on a Gulu street

Residents of Gulu City were left bemused by the show of youthful presidential candidate, John Katumba.

Katumba who is contesting on an Independent ticket on Saturday afternoon surprised residents by moving on feet with two bodyguards and another person holding his campaign poster.

Bonny Okema, a youthful phone repairer along the Main Street, said that he initially thought the presidential aspirant was an artist shooting a music video since he was with a group of youth who ‘‘looked like street gangs’’.

It was until Okema heard the youth chanting ‘‘our president’’ and saw bodyguards that he noticed that the person he thought was an artist on a video shoot was a presidential candidate.

Mr Katumba was dressed in a maroon khaki suit, a pink shirt and a black shoe.

Mary Akello said she was shocked when Katumba visited the Gulu Main Market surrounded by a group of youth and started addressing vendors and passersby.

The 34-year-old Akello said that it was her first time seeing a presidential candidate moving ‘‘freely and not looking serious’’ as has been the case with the others.

Katumba who spent almost an hour moving along Gulu City`s major roads including Lagara, Coronation, and Moroto road later addressed a handful of people in front of Gulu Main Market as they cheered and ululated.

He told the people that he was not campaigning but touring the country to ascertain problems people are facing in order to advocate for change. He decried the appalling life of Gulu residents, persistent electricity blackout, poor roads, poor education and over taxation of vendors.

Katumba in his less than twenty minutes’ speech pledged to promote talent among youth, create equal employment opportunities, free education and establish cooperation for women in order to improve their livelihoods once he is elected in office something he also noted that it needs the electorates to work hand in hand with him.

Katumba, 24, is the youngest of the eleven presidential candidates.