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  • NRA rape victim seeks compensation and justice

    Mzee Emilio Odong 72 is an elderly disabled man who hails from the tiny village of Panguu in Alero sub-county, Gulu district.  He is among the hundreds of Acholi men who were tortured and raped by the National Resistance Army ((NRA) now UPDF), when operation White Gold was carried out in 1987 during the war in northern Uganda. […]

  • Daudi Ochieng

    History is a mirror of society which should reflect its past and must acts as a guide to the future. History must never be about a pack of tricks we play upon the dead. We as Ugandans are poor learners from history. The past maybe the past, but facts will always remain sacred. History is […]

  • Judith Ayaa: Acholi’s Sprinting Hero 

    Judith Ayaa established herself as Uganda’s renowned pioneering female sprinter as confirmed by her record on the international track scene. Relatively tall at 5’9″, Judith Ayaa was born on July 15 1952. Ayaa is reported to have died in 2002 amidst poverty (even involving Ayaa crushing stones for a living), and looking after her children […]

  • Okot p’Bitek

    One of East Africa’s best-known poets, p’Bitek helped redefine African literature by emphasizing the oral tradition of the native Acholi people of Uganda. His lengthy prose poems, often categorized as poetic novels, reflect the form of traditional Acholi songs while expressing contemporary political and social themes. Biographical Information p’Bitek’s respect for ancestral art forms began […]

  • Dr Matthew Lukwiya

    “It is our vocation to save life. It involves risk, but when we serve with love, that is when the risk does not matter so much. When we believe our mission is to save lives, we have got to do our work.” –Dr. Matthew Lukwiya Dr. Matthew Lukwiya could have held a comfortable medical position […]

  • Brigadier Pierino Yere Okoya

    Pierino Yere Okoya, was the deputy army commander and the commander of the Second Infantry Brigade of the Uganda army in Masaka.  Before that he was the second in command of the B Company in the 4 KAR in Jinja which was the nucleus of the post-independence army. Following independence Okoya rose through the ranks, […]

  • Doctors Puzzled By Premature Puberty In A 3 Year old Boy

    Jennifer Apoko 28 was left speechless when her 3 years son, all of a sudden, started crying day and night, in a tone equivalent to that of an adult. He also started wetting himself at anytime of the day and night. Apoko says that she was so scared and thought that her son, Genesis Komakech, […]

  • “I Was Forced to Become One of His 27 Wives” Says Kony Bush Wife

    Evelyn Amony was abducted by the Ugandan rebel group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) when she was only 12-years-old. For nearly three decades, this rebel group has committed a range of atrocities including the abduction of children, rape, killing, maiming and sexual slavery. Today Evelyn is Chair of the Women’s Advocacy Network, comprised of […]


    The history of Patiko Chiefdom begins with all other Luo Groups including that of Acholi, which they came with from “Misiri” (Egypt) beyond Sudan [or beyond Barh-el-Ghazel Region]. [The mention of Misiri is also found among some Acholi/Luo Chiefdoms like Alero, Alur/Jonam and Luo-related groups like the royal histories of Bunyoro-Kitara and Buganda Kingdoms]. Patiko […]

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