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  • Bitter Fight Erupts Between Two Clans Over Land In Pader District

    Bitter Fight Erupts Between Two Clans Over Land In Pader District

    A fight that erupted between two clans over land nearly led to the lost of lives in Atoo Parish, Lapul Sub-county in Pader district during the festive season. Houses were burnt, millet and maize from granaries were destroyed as clan members from Pagol and Pajaa engaged each other a bitter fight.  Clan leaders eventually brought […]

  • Acholi Names

    A  NAMES Pronouns in Acholi an  – I, me, a – me, I en – he, she, it o – he, she, it e – him, her in – you i – you wan – we, us wa – we, us “a” is a pronoun prefix meaning “I”  possessive suffix meaning “me”(the pronoun for I […]

  • Secret Photos Reveal New African Horrors

    Documentary filmmakers in Uganda were subjected to intimidation and coercion and were the victims of break-ins while attempting to film what a former U.N. official calls “Uganda’s secret genocide” in the northern part of that country. The filmmakers say these threats came from Ugandan officials and secret intelligence organizations there. The cameraman for an American […]

  • The Acoli Love the Elephant

    The Acoli have lived side by side with the Elephant from time immemorial. They love the elephant and adore it for its size and strength, its unfaltering memory, sharp sense of hearing, intelligence and its overpowering presence and dignity. They call him ‘Lyec’ generally, but have also praise names for him, such as ‘Ocoro-oboke’, ‘Nyam […]

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