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  • Lightning strikes Five, Leaves One Dead In Nwoya

    A Family in Adilang B Village Got-Ngur parish in Nwoya district was on Wednesday morning struck by lightning leaving five members of the family injured and one dead. The family was sheltering rain in the same hut during an early morning downpour. The dead has been identified as Esther Anyee, 50. One of the injured […]

  • Nwoya chairman At War with UPDF Over Disputed Land

    Nwoya district chairman Patrick Okello Oryema has given the UPDF a 14 day ultimatum to leave a disputed piece of land in Alingiri village in Nyamukino parish, Lungulu Sub County in Nwoya district. The disputed land is about 2,000 acres with over 100 households who are in conflict with Opiyo Oloya, a Uganda based in […]

  • Nwoya District Speaker Arrested For Allegedly Burning Bailiffs Car

    The Nwoya local government speaker Tony Okello has been arresting in connection with the burning of a bailiffs car. Okello was arrested yesterday—Thursday—from Anaka and detained at Nwoya Central Police station. Eight other suspects have been arrested on suspicion of involvement in burning the car. The suspects were on Friday transferred to Gulu. They are […]

  • Anaka Hospital Loses Millions To Fire

    Anaka Hospital in Nwoya district has lost millions of shillings worth of property after a fire broke out at the hospital on Monday this week destroying 20 solar panels, sewage pipes, water pipes and a tank. The fire broke out at around 2 pm on Monday afternoon. Police is investigating the cause of the fire […]

  • Meningitis Outbreak Reported In Amuru, Vaccination Exercise To Kick Off

    One person has died from an outbreak of meningitis in Amuru, the District Health Officer Dr Patrick Olwedo said on Tuesday. Meningitis is an acute inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. The 11 years old boy died on December 26 at St Mary’s Lacor hospital in Gulu where he had been admitted for treatment. One patient suspected […]

  • Kilak MP Gives Amuru Leaders To Return Charcoal Money

    Kilak County Member of Parliament Gilbert Olanya has given Amuru local government leaders 21 days to refund 12 million shillings they allegedly raised from auctioning 1,391 bags of charcoal impounded from dealers in the district in September this year. The charcoal was impounded from Amuru, Pabbo and Lamogi sub-counties in an operation conducted by the […]

  • Three Hacked in Gulu A Day After Crowd Lynched Suspected Thugs

    At least three people were last night attacked by suspected ‘‘iron bar hitmen’’ in Gulu town. The attack comes only a day after angry town residents lynched two suspected thugs thought to be part of the thieves terrorizing town residents. Gulu has in the last two months seen a rise in crime. Over that period, […]

  • Acholi Leaders Condemn Shooting Of Akena

      Acholi leaders have condemned the murder of Kenneth Akena who was today buried in Kitgum district. Speaking yesterday during a requiem mass at Holy Rosary Church in Gulu town the leaders called for justice for the late Akena. Akena was shot in the stomach Saturday night in Kampala, allegedly by one, Matthew Kanyamunyu, a […]

  • Nwoya Locals Ask For Guns To Protect Themseves From Wild Animals

    Locals of Pabit Parish in Purongo Sub County in Nwoya district have asked the government to licence them guns to use for protecting themselves from marauding animals from the nearby Murchison Falls National Park. Pabit Parish has since 2008 regular been a roaming ground for elephants and other wild animals, according to locals. It is […]

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