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  • Will The Iron Hands Of the Police Produce Iron Citizens

    The police is in the news for all the wrong reasons. General Kale Kayihura, its head, is an unpopular man by a difficult-to- measure but certainly large section of Uganda’s chattering class. It is generally a good sign for Uganda’s future that the police boss and his methods is loathed by the talking class. First, […]

  • A shootout that reminded of a dark sad past

      Sunday night we planned to watch the Germany- Ukraine football game with my German neighbour and friend. ‘‘I would like to watch the German team sing the Germany national anthem,’’ she had told me earlier in the day. ‘‘Patriotic German,’’ I joked. Then we had a chat about what we needed later in the […]

  • Are today’s obscurantists tomorrow’s heroes?

    A month or so ago, former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate, Dr Kiiza Besigye celebrated his 60th birthday. Excluding his time in the Luwero jungles, a decade and a half of those years (and still counting) have been spent in the trenches and on the receiving end of brutal blows from a State run […]

  • Pointers To Untangling The Simon Toolit Disappearance Saga

      Simon Toolit Akecha, the former Member of Parliament for Omoro County (2006-2011) in Gulu district and a candidate in the February parliamentary elections has vanished. Mr Toolit, according to his son, who was with him in the same house, was abducted by armed men at around 3 am on Wednesday morning from his home […]

  • The State has its fangs out but who does it want to bite?

    At various stages in the evolution of organisation, humans began a process that gradually led to the eventual transfer of their collective power to something that became the State. The State is supposed to, at least in theory, hold power on behalf of a group of people from whom it derives authority and legitimacy. Why […]

  • Lamwo Magistrate Detained over Bribe

    Police in Gulu district are holding, Richard Omuge, a Grade two Magistrate from Lamwo district on allegations of receiving a bribe of 300,000 shillings. Oluge was arrested on Tuesday afternoon from Apollo grounds in Kitgum district after a tip off from the Inspector General of Government (IGG). It is alleged that the magistrate was arrested […]

  • Children Born in LRA Remain a Largely Neglected- New Report

    A new report by Justice and Reconciliation Project (JRP), an advocacy group which works for peace in war-affected communities says children born into captivity of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) remain a largely neglected and overlooked. The report indicates that the children who are now out of LRA captivity face stigmatisation from communities, peers, and […]

  • Nwoya NRM Boss Arrested Over Campaign Money

    Police in Nwoya have arrested the NRM presidential task force head on allegation of swindling over 20 million shillings meant to carry out mobilization for the party in the district. Alpha Owiny was arrested yesterday after the NRM district executive committee for Nwoya said they were unsatisfied with accountability for 49 million shillings he allegedly […]

  • Four Lawyers To Challenge EC on Mao’s Missing Name

      Four Ugandan renowned lawyers are to represent Norbert Mao, the DP president general in a case in which he (Mao) is challenging the Electoral Commission (EC) on how his name was scrapped off from the voter register. In December 2, 2015, the electoral commission declined to nominate Mao for the Gulu Municipality parliamentary seat. […]

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