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  • It is our culture that we are trading in the liberal market

    As a country, we have become accustomed to deception as a gateway to success. The target of the extortion is the developed western countries and donors who are paying for decisions that should be made voluntarily. The payment, though, is not in vain. It serves an imperialist or patronage purpose. In that case, the deception […]

  • Distrust in Uganda is a potent chalice killing cooperation

    The amount of time we spend protecting our integrity and reputation in a paradoxical society is testimony of a crisis. Liberalism has taught us to detach from everything social and adhere to a pursuit of materialism. To undermine the public for the private, and the social for individualism. Incidentally, we attempt to adhere to traditions […]

  • Enough with Mwenda’s mercenary propaganda

    At his 2016 inaugural speech, Museveni assured the nation that he would terminate all opposition by 2021. Since then, Andrew Mwenda has gained reputation as the man on this mission by exploiting that window of opportunity to make fortune. By promising to eliminate opposition, many understood Museveni to have meant containing the influence of Rtd. Dr. Kiiza […]

  • Handle Kyagulanyi And His Generation Carefully

        The high handedness with which the state has handled Kyadondo East MP, Hon. Robert S. Kyagulanyi and Mityana Municipality MP, Francis Zaake moved Uganda to a new level of tyranny. MP. Zaake is hooked up on life support, in a medical vegetative state (Editor: President Museveni in a statement on Sunday said Zaake […]

  • No place for a Third Force in Polarized Uganda

      The idea of a “third force” in Uganda’s body politics is improbable. Such an idea compounds the ideological confusion in our politics. The third force idea appeals as an excuse for laggards or an easy escape route for those who are afraid of dramatic change to the politics upon which they have derived privileges. […]

  • Harnessing Africa: Is Neoliberalism working for Africa?

    The global news of black African youths in their prime being traded in an open slave in Libya was a harsh reality. The resurgence of slave markets is probably another failure of neo-liberalism. Where liberal democracy and liberal rights should be the mainstay of a liberal society we find its proponents subverting liberal democracy by […]

  • Drop The Spy Conspiracy, POA and MM could make FDC complete

    Competitions tend to bring the best and the worst in contemporaries but, attaching the spy claim on Muntu will hurt FDC the most. FDC adherents must stop labelling Muntu an NRM mole. Such labelling highlights the success of the propaganda machinery of the establishment to sow discord within the party. Gen. Muntu is above the […]

  • My Glowing Tribute To Dr Kizza Besigye’s Branding

    A   few political commentators tend to under-state the efforts of Dr. Kizza Besigye (KB) in reclaiming the political space we have today. Although bravery is a scant virtue among any oppressed population, KB’s gallantry has concrete achievements. Oppressed people often adapt to their state of oppression by submitting or emulating the ways of their Oppressors. KB’s […]

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