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  • Path To Peace And Justice: Memorials Are Ghosts To War Survivors

    Traditionally and legally, remorse is an acknowledgement or guilt for crimes committed against unarmed groups of people by perpetrator(s) or is a reflection towards the journey for peace. This is what survivors (victims) of massacres in Northern Uganda are asking their government to do; apologize to them for its failure to offer unarmed civilians, as […]

  • Opposition Leaders Sound War Drums Over Land In Amuru

    Opposition leaders in Acholi last week called for the protection of Amuru land at all costs, as those with interest in grabbing land seem undeterred. The Uganda People’s Congress Party (UPC) President Ambassador Dr Olara Otunnu and Democratic Party (DP) leader Norbert Mao who visited Lakang in Amuru district on Sunday urged the residents to remain […]

  • Amuru Residents Attack Government Surveyors In Apaa

    Drama ensued on Monday in Apaa village in Amuru district when government surveyors started to demarcate the land belonging to the communities with the intention to give it to Adjumani district. The jittered residents who were held up in a meeting in the trading centre with police officials and the Resident District Commisioner (RDC) Captain […]

  • Residents Seek UN Intervention Over Land Evictions in Amuru

    Residents Seek UN Intervention Over Land Evictions in Amuru

      Land evictions and related disputes in Amuru district is furthering more miseries among the population, with some even vowing to put their lives on the line in order to survive it. The Chairman of Lakang Parish David Oyet Owila on Tuesday warned Security Field Officials from the UN High Commission for Human Right not […]

  • Apaa women haunted by rape ordeals at the hands of UWA and police

    They say that they wept and cursed to no avail. A section of women resident in Apaa in Amuru district claim that they were raped by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and Police officials in last Sunday’s exercise to evict them. Looking at their houses that lay in ruins, the women held back tears as they emotionally narrated […]

  • Origin of the Puranga Chiefdom

    Puranga chief Rwot Andrea Olal Adiri and his wives dressed in Cenu, acholi traditional wears Puranga was a small divine chiefdom in 17th C before the coming of the European; it flourished until the British took over administration of Acholi territories and incorporated it under Pax Britannica. Prior to colonial rule Puranga chiefs played dual role as […]

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