Articles Posted in the " Genocide In Acholi " Category

  • Secret Photos Reveal New African Horrors

    Documentary filmmakers in Uganda were subjected to intimidation and coercion and were the victims of break-ins while attempting to film what a former U.N. official calls “Uganda’s secret genocide” in the northern part of that country. The filmmakers say these threats came from Ugandan officials and secret intelligence organizations there. The cameraman for an American […]

  • The Security and production program: A critical review

    Introduction In June 2003, the then Presidential advisor on Political and Military Affairs in northern Uganda, Lt Gen Salim Saleh[1] unveiled a blue-print for ending the LRA insurgency with a price tag of Shs 4bn, entitled ‘Security and Production Programme’ (SPP). [2] Saleh’s security and development concept, envisages setting up economic projects to ‘empower’ the people of […]

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