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  • Selling of Acholi Land Will Lead To Permanent Displacement

    By Laroker P’Okot We live in very challenging times. The recent surge in the advertisement of “land for sale” and of interest in land acquisition in Acholiland must be very unsettling in the spirit world of our ancestors.  The rate at which land agents are putting up advertisements screaming for buyers and subsequently selling off […]

  • Buganda Provincialism And The Daudi Ocheng Project

    By Pilipo Oruni Oloya Buganda provincialism has always expressed itself in the most unlikely situation. The British were aware of Buganda nationalism and were under no illusion that Buganda would loyally remain part of Uganda forever. I believe that it was in preparation for this eventuality that the British engineered one of the most ambitious […]

  • PART 1: Frowning about Gulu’s prostitutes is elite posturing

      I followed the discussions on prostitution in Gulu keenly on social and mainstream media. The discussions started well, highlighting the blight of child prostitution – a shameful situation that taints the conscience of society. Children should be enjoying their childhood in protected homes and developing their faculties to become responsible citizens. That some are […]

  • Hunger pandemic awaits – so lets us grow food during COVID-19

      The reason we fear COVID-19 is we fear to die. However, some situations and conditions are causing death while we run away from COVID-19-related deaths. Deaths and human sufferings have no preferred causes. If we have decided to fear COVID-19-related death, we should also protect our population from other causes of preventable deaths and […]

  • It is our culture that we are trading in the liberal market

    As a country, we have become accustomed to deception as a gateway to success. The target of the extortion is the developed western countries and donors who are paying for decisions that should be made voluntarily. The payment, though, is not in vain. It serves an imperialist or patronage purpose. In that case, the deception […]

  • Akol -Otto Saga: Missing the forest for the trees

    Editor’s note:  Yesterday Aruu County Member of Parliament Odonga Otto and his Kilak North counterpart Anthony Akol were involved in a brawl within the precincts of parliament. Social media has  since then been buzzing  with accusation and counter accusation for and against the two legislators.  In this piece Okello Lucima argues that we should not […]

  • Uganda’s education is the death point of imaginative minds

    By Opwonya Nokrach The deficiency in the education sector in Africa is not students reading wrong SUBJECTS at university. The problem in the education sector in Africa is failure of the education sector to inculcate an INNOVATIVE MIND – set in learners as early as possible in their lives. The failure is therefore in Primary School […]

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