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  • Digital Security Gains Importance for Journalists in Reporting Public Services

    Increasing digital tools and digital protection is becoming an integral part of news and journalistic operations. Professional and citizen journalists alike rely on digital tools to produce and share content. Yet journalists are often inadequately trained in digital security or have no knowledge at all in digital security. This poses the risk of them inadvertently […]

  • Disunity in the FDC Will Affect Its Chances in Acholi

    The Acholi refer to voting as bolo kwir; literally meaning placing poison.  The outcome of taking poison normally brings bitterness just like the outcome of a loved one taking poison. Gabrielle Lynch in an article ‘‘Acholi the new swing factor in the 2016 Uganda elections’’ (The East African, November 7) , argued that in 2011, […]

  • Gen Biraaro, Acholi Need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission

    The Daily Monitor (23, January) reported that Uganda Farmers’ Party presidential candidate, Maj Gen (rtd) Benon Biraaro defended the National Resistance Army (NRA), now UPDF, against allegations of committing atrocities in Acholi during the insurgency in northern Uganda. When asked whether he would investigate the massacre claims against the UPDF if elected president, Maj Gen. […]

  • The wishy-washy, unconscious, and self-regarding Uganda elites

    The online dictionary defines “elites” as “part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of abilities or qualities” (Refer to Classical Elite Theorists such as Pareto, Mosca, Michel, Mills, Putnam etc). For this article, elites are those who have attained certain privileges in society, such as higher education, formal employment, exposure […]

  • Explaining “defiance, noncompliance” to Eng. Kiggundu

    Since last week, the Chairman of Electoral Commission, Eng, Badru Kiggundu appears more distraught than stressed.  His biased utterances show that Eng. Kiggundu has lost his sense of fairness and he should step aside. The role of the Chairman of an Election Commission is that of arbitration, refereeing. And, like most referees, he should exercise […]

  • How Mr. Museveni became a hostage to Musevenists

    The post NRM Primaries has revealed a lot more about behind the scene struggles that we should analyze. It is increasingly clear that Mr. Museveni is indeed a hostage of a group of exploiters and self-seekers who are accustomed to state patronage, corruption, and are equitable to the Latin America’s fish – Piranhas/Caribes. To shed […]

  • The perils of corruption in Uganda makes it a political problem

    The subject of pervasive corruption in Uganda accentuates a deeply seated sense of pessimism, followed by powerlessness in its victims, which leads to an internalized and normalized justification of it. Corruption, primarily perpetuates itself through a degenerative morality/ethics, feeds the politics of lumpen proletariats, and, in my view, it is the manifestation of the body […]

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