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  • Govt Is Failing To Fight Corruption, a Cancer Killing Ugandans

    At every budget presentation, the sitting minister for finance lists government’s priorities and how they will be funded and achieved. Most of the priorities or promises are often recycled and will never be actualised. One of those priorities is the fight against corruption. Last year, government vowed to improve the effectiveness of the public sector […]

  • Revisiting The Amuru Land Debacle And The Apaa Land Conflict

    Editor: This article was first published in 2015. With the ”Apaa land conflict” back i nthe news, we republish it again Many people have identified some distortions by Prof. Morris Ogenga-Latigo on Amuru Game Reserves, which have profound implications on current Apaa debacle, if not corrected. In his article that was published in the Observer […]

  • Labour Day Should Make Meaning To Work And Living Conditions

    Ugandans spend Labour Day unconsciously as simply another public holiday. Labour Day has a long treacherous history whose commemoration requires deeper and purposive reflections on understanding labour. The debate on labour has spanned generations, and yet no one ever explains the relations of labour to capital like Marx and Engels ever did. These analyses allow us time to place appropriate value on our everyday struggle for […]

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