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  • Addressing The National Paradox Of Alcoholism

    The reading from Hon. Nobert Mao in the Daily Monitor of November 16, 2016 left me wanting more. The debate on Hon. Betty Nambooze’s proposed bill to regulate alcohol business in Uganda is one that needs courage and sober recollection. It is unfortunate that the proposed bill has already cultivated bad blood between ”School Teacher” […]

  • Uganda’s Health Service Delivery Strategy needs a rethink

    I previously questioned the endemic nature of the problems that is steadily driving our health service delivery system to crumble. The editorial of the Daily Monitor on October 5, 2016 remarked on the Health Ministry’s plan to close nearly 7000 Health Centre IIs in the country. The commentary cited the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, […]

  • What Is It With Uganda’s Health Sector?

      The state of health care services in Uganda has literally collapsed. At least, from the experiences of Ugandans who are confronted by its failures. The bad state of the healthcare is only symptomatic, something that the public has consensus over. Painfully, nobody seems able to do anything about it. There is a pattern to […]

  • Who Will Receive the Baton from Prof. Odonga in Our Next Relay?

    Life is like running a relay race. During any relay race, you choose your best athletes to hand over the baton. A successful team knows when and where to identify the most promising talented athletes to build those to become champions. Great teams have the ability to identify less known and build on them to […]

  • Life And Times of Brig Langoya: 1934-2016

      This  is a summarised text about the life and times of the late Brig Johnson Lupaka Langoya. The late Brigadier Johnson Lupaka Langoya was born in 1934 to Mzee Albert Omal and Mama Salume Atim of Olar-Kom, Dec in Padibe Sub County, Lamwo District.  Brig. Langoya was the second born in a family of […]

  • Will The Iron Hands Of the Police Produce Iron Citizens

    The police is in the news for all the wrong reasons. General Kale Kayihura, its head, is an unpopular man by a difficult-to- measure but certainly large section of Uganda’s chattering class. It is generally a good sign for Uganda’s future that the police boss and his methods is loathed by the talking class. First, […]

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