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  • Gulu 2016: Is it Gulu 2002 All over again? It’d better not

    The reported Gulu ‘attack’ on June 12, 2016 and claim of an attempted ‘rescue’ of a person in detention is all too familiar. We have been here before and it all was made up then as it quite possibly could be now. On September 16, 2002, a group of UPDF officers stormed Gulu Central Prison […]

  • The story of Daudi Ocheng and why he was a hero

    By Samuel Oduny On 1st June 1966, Daudi Ocheng passed on at Mulago Hospital in Kampala.  His demise left a big hole in the politics of Uganda. Daudi Ochieng was the son of Rwot Laceto Okech of Koch Temajo. His mother Juliana Auma was from Patiko Pukwinyi, and was born in 1925. Ochieng and Auma […]

  • What I Would Do To Boost Opportunities For Youth In Uganda

    By Patrick Uma In 2013, the State Minister for Higher Education, Dr John Chrysestom Muyingo in an article titled: ‘‘Our Youths needs Vocational Skills and not misplaced Pomp’’ ([Observer, April 10, 2016) cited the following statistics on the pathetic youth unemployment in Uganda. Unemployment in Uganda today stands at between 64% and 70% with some […]

  • Are today’s obscurantists tomorrow’s heroes?

    A month or so ago, former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate, Dr Kiiza Besigye celebrated his 60th birthday. Excluding his time in the Luwero jungles, a decade and a half of those years (and still counting) have been spent in the trenches and on the receiving end of brutal blows from a State run […]

  • It Is Unusual For FDC To Move On At This Critical Time

    The FDC fraternity has just experienced an ethical dilemma in making a decision to comply with roles of the Opposition in Parliament.  An ethical dilemma occurs when a compelling circumstance arises where the voice of reason ought to prevail bearing in mind all the plausible alternatives, and choosing the ones that maximizes benefits, causes least […]

  • Pointers To Untangling The Simon Toolit Disappearance Saga

      Simon Toolit Akecha, the former Member of Parliament for Omoro County (2006-2011) in Gulu district and a candidate in the February parliamentary elections has vanished. Mr Toolit, according to his son, who was with him in the same house, was abducted by armed men at around 3 am on Wednesday morning from his home […]

  • Mao’s Moving Tribute On Mother’s Day

    By Norbert Mao You all know that my father Dusman Okee who was in many ways also my mother died on 3rd January 2016. His 74th birthday celebrations was planned for 5th January 2016. By the time he died he had remarried more than once. Hence the title of this tribute. So now my current […]

  • A change in school curriculum should enforce a cultural revolution

    The debate about the confusing nature of the hyped new Ugandan curriculum has resurfaced. Parliament has suspended the implementation of this curriculum, and yet, some select schools are already piloting the same curriculum. What will become of the students who will have been “guinea pigs” in this whole process? Uganda’s education system has run out […]

  • $20 Million for Gulu Municipality Roads

      Yesterday, the government of Uganda and Japan held a  signing ceremony for the improvement of roads in Gulu municipality.  Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development signed on behalf of Uganda. We reproduce his remarks below.  *                         *         […]

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