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  • How To Address The Gulu Water Shortage

    By Vincent Oola I am writing in connection with the article which appeared recently in the Acholi Times on the water crisis in Gulu. The fears that some of us had in the 1970s about the availability of water in and around Gulu and Kitgum have now materialised and undoubtedly it will be more serious […]

  • Ugandans in Diaspora are critical in Uganda’s Politics

    The debate on the role of Ugandans in diaspora in shaping the sociopolitical discourses in Uganda is a superficial one. During the election time, we were reminded always by adversaries that those living abroad have fled the frontiers of politics and should first return home to be counted. It is increasingly absurd that when convenient, […]

  • Acholi Elite Losing Identity with Voters

    Since 2006, the office of Gulu Mayor has failed to attract the elite. A candidate’s academic requirement is not a prerequisite for one to qualify to be a Mayoral candidate. A few months ago, I was invited by a small group of friends for an informal meeting and I was asked to run for the […]

  • The State has its fangs out but who does it want to bite?

    At various stages in the evolution of organisation, humans began a process that gradually led to the eventual transfer of their collective power to something that became the State. The State is supposed to, at least in theory, hold power on behalf of a group of people from whom it derives authority and legitimacy. Why […]

  • Digital Security Gains Importance for Journalists in Reporting Public Services

    Increasing digital tools and digital protection is becoming an integral part of news and journalistic operations. Professional and citizen journalists alike rely on digital tools to produce and share content. Yet journalists are often inadequately trained in digital security or have no knowledge at all in digital security. This poses the risk of them inadvertently […]

  • Disunity in the FDC Will Affect Its Chances in Acholi

    The Acholi refer to voting as bolo kwir; literally meaning placing poison.  The outcome of taking poison normally brings bitterness just like the outcome of a loved one taking poison. Gabrielle Lynch in an article ‘‘Acholi the new swing factor in the 2016 Uganda elections’’ (The East African, November 7) , argued that in 2011, […]

  • Gen Biraaro, Acholi Need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission

    The Daily Monitor (23, January) reported that Uganda Farmers’ Party presidential candidate, Maj Gen (rtd) Benon Biraaro defended the National Resistance Army (NRA), now UPDF, against allegations of committing atrocities in Acholi during the insurgency in northern Uganda. When asked whether he would investigate the massacre claims against the UPDF if elected president, Maj Gen. […]

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