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  • Dr Nyanzi’s Undressing: Ugandans need 24hr distress call services

    Dr Stella Nyanzi’s undressing at Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR) has placed Uganda under a moral siege of sort. Public opinion appears swayed against Dr. Nyanzi, but in her act, she was only conforming to Makerere University’s tradition of bad decisions leading to strikes and violence. In Uganda, issues of sex and sexuality as […]

  • Kampala Needs Alternative Municipalities To Decongest It

    The story of collapsing buildings in Kampala will soon shape Kampala’s legacy as one of the most dangerous cities to live in. If buildings can collapse at will, no one is safe. However, Kampala’s troubles are more than that. Collapsing buildings are just the tip of the iceberg. Rather, Kampala’s real woes are about the […]

  • Circulation of Power Within NRM Is Now Inevitable

      By Julius Peter Ochen  Identical to corporate companies that go through five stages of product or service life cycles, most regimes in Africa have got life span which in most cases is embedded in the life of  the generation that ushered it in. Like an onion with layers upon layers of concentric circles around […]

  • Acholi Needs to Get Serious on Reforestation and land

    By Lubwa Yeremoi Recently it was reported in the media that Gulu recorded the highest temperature ever, as high as 36C, whereas to the best of my memory the highest temperature in Gulu used to be around 30-32C! This to me does not come as a surprise given the extent of the deforestation that has […]

  • How To Address The Gulu Water Shortage

    By Vincent Oola I am writing in connection with the article which appeared recently in the Acholi Times on the water crisis in Gulu. The fears that some of us had in the 1970s about the availability of water in and around Gulu and Kitgum have now materialised and undoubtedly it will be more serious […]

  • Ugandans in Diaspora are critical in Uganda’s Politics

    The debate on the role of Ugandans in diaspora in shaping the sociopolitical discourses in Uganda is a superficial one. During the election time, we were reminded always by adversaries that those living abroad have fled the frontiers of politics and should first return home to be counted. It is increasingly absurd that when convenient, […]

  • Acholi Elite Losing Identity with Voters

    Since 2006, the office of Gulu Mayor has failed to attract the elite. A candidate’s academic requirement is not a prerequisite for one to qualify to be a Mayoral candidate. A few months ago, I was invited by a small group of friends for an informal meeting and I was asked to run for the […]

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