Attiak Sugar Factory Struggles to Get Cane for Sugar Production

Attiak Sugar Factory is struggling to find sugarcane for production of sugar.

The Factory located in Gem Pachilo Village, Attiak Sub County Amuru district was established in 2016 and started its maiden production of sugar in July 2020.

Its co-owned by Horyal Investments Holding Company Limited and the Government of Uganda.

Dr. Amina Hersi Moghe, the Chief Executive Officer of Attiak Sugar disclosed that the factory has a sugarcane crushing capacity of 1,650 metric tonnes but for the start it was expected to crush 800 metric tonnes.

The factory through its sugarcane out growers’ association had planted over 30,000 acres of sugarcane which was expected to be the main source of sugarcane for production of sugar.

However, Mahmoud Abi Mohammed, one of the Directors of Attiak Sugar said on Friday that the factory is now incapacitated as it doesn’t have sufficient sugarcane.

Mogammed explained that hope of getting sugarcane from the out growers was shuttered following devastating fire incidents that razed down thousands of sugarcanes.

Mahmoud added that following the cane shortages, the factory is now transporting cane for its sugar production from Jinja in Eastern Uganda which is costly.

He further explained that the cane transported from Busoga does not even meet 10% of the required amount, something that has forced the factory to run once a week.

He appealed for support from the community.

On the other hand, Joyce Laker, the Chairperson Attiak Sugarcane Out Growers Association composing over 1,900 members disclosed that the fire outbreaks have left them with losses and in a position in which they are unable to pay for labour.