Over 700 Girls Defiled in Acholi in 2020- Police Annual Report

At least 748 underage girls were defiled in Acholi sub region in 2020, according to the latest police annual crime report.

The figure is the sixth highest registered in the country.

According to police, some of the girls were sexually assaulted by people living with HIV.

The report further indicates that some of the victims were defiled either by their parents or teachers.

East Kyoga registered the highest cases of defilement in the country with 913 girls being victims of sexual offences in 2020.

Greater Masaka registered the second highest cases of defilement with 880 girls being defiled followed by Albertine with 842.

Others are Elgon (825), North Kyoga, that is Lango sub region (815) and Kampala Metropolitan Area (676).

In total, 14,134 cases of Defilements were reported to Police in 2020, compared to 13,613 cases reported in 2019.

That means defilement increased by 3.8 percent in 2020 if compared to 2019.

Defilement is unlawful sexual intercourse with person who is below the age of eighteen years.

It is a capital offence under Section 129 of the Penal Code Act and conviction, one is liable to serve life imprisonment.