Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson, Five Senior Police Officers Transferred

Moved to Kyoga: Now former Aswa region police spokesman Jimmy Patrick Okema

Assistant Superintendent of Police Patrick Jimmy Okema, also the Aswa River Region Spokesperson and five other senior Police officers have been transferred in a mini shuffle by the police.

Okema has been transferred North Kyoga Region which covers nine districts in the Lango sub region.  He will serve in the same capacity. He is replaced in Aswa by Assistant of Superintendent of Police, David Ongom Mudong, the former East Kyoga Regional Police Spokesperson.

Superintendent of Police Erick Hadson Ocen, the former Aswa Regional Police Children and Family Protection Officer has been transferred to West Nile region as Regional Police Spokesperson. Superintendent of Police Dickens Bindeeba has been moved from Aswa River Region to Police Headquarters to serve in the Joint Operations Committee (JOC).

Others moved in the reshuffle are Superintendent of Police John Bosco Ngankol, the former Officer-In-Charge of Gulu Central Police Station who has been transferred to Kinoni Police Station in Lwengo District in the same capacity, and Buruhan Egesah, from Acholi-Bur Police Station to Katagama Police Station as Officer-In-Charge of Station.

Meanwhile Senior Superintendent of Police Damali Nachuha has been transferred from Counter-Terrorism Unit at the Police Headquarters Kampala to Aswa River as Regional Police Commander (RPC) and Superintendent of Police Apolo Ivan Daki to Gulu as District Police Commander (DPC).