Lamwo Man Hung Upside down in Torture Ordeal Speaks Out

A man seen being tortured in a widely shared video online has spoken out in an exclusive interview with Acholi Times.

Geoffrey Ocen, 24, a resident of Dyang-Bii village, Palabek Gem Sub County in Lamwo District was seen being tortured in an appalling video that began circulating online on Tuesday this week.

Ocen said he was tied upside down on a tree and tortured for nearly four hours after he was accused of allegedly stealing a bull.

The video of Ocen apparently being tortured by a group of men started circulating on social media on Tuesday.

Ocen was reportedly arrested on July 23, 2021, and taken before the Local Council Court for allegedly stealing a bull belonging to a local farmer identified as Alfred Nyeko.

According to him five men whom he identified only as Opoka, Olwedo, David Nyankole, Abuga and Openy tied him up and started torturing him demanding he should reveal where he has kept the alleged stolen animal.

Ocen told our reporter in an interview that he blacked out after his stomach was hit with a blunt object by one of the men who were assaulting him.

He said since Friday last week, he has been passing lose stool and unable to either sit or get of his house.There are visible signs of torture all over his body.

Ocen suspects that one of his organs could have been damaged due to the torture. He is receiving treatment at a health facility.

He also claims that the allegedly stolen bull has since been recovered. Although he admits being in trouble with law enforcement, Ocen who dropped out of school in primary three, denies stealing the bull.

The torture has left him bedridden with swollen genitals, legs, fingers and cuts all over his body.

Patrick Okot, the Local Council One Chairperson Dyang Bii village said he survived being killed after he tried to stop the angry mob from beating Ocen. He suffered cuts in his hands in the process and has described the mob action as barbaric.

Joel Watoker, the Local Council Three Chairperson Palabek Gem Sub County said all the individuals who were involved in the torture have been identified and will face the law.

Several attempts to get a comment from David Ongom Mudong, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson over the matter was futile since his known telephone number off by press time.