Gulu City Mayor Denies Demanding for Brand New Office Furniture Worth UGX 24M

Alfred Okwonga, the Gulu City Mayor has dismissed reports that he has been pressuring the City Council Authority to procure brand-new sets of furniture valued at 24 million shillings for his office.

On Thursday this week reports emerged on social media suggesting that the City Mayor who has been in office for just two months had demanded for new office chairs and tables.

But Okwonga has since dismissed it, saying he is still using the old furniture left by his predecessor, George Labeja.

Although he admitted that brand-new sets of office furniture were bought, but he said it was for his secretaries, the City Council Speaker’s Office, and for the Deputy City Council Speaker.

Mr Okwonga said before he assumed office, a budget had already been allocated to procure furniture. A document dated October 6, 2020, and presented by Okwonga, indicated that the previous council budgeted for 24 million shillings for the procurement of office furniture and another 7 million shillings for bookshelves.