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  • Judge Decries Poor Conditions at Remand Homes

    Judge Decries Poor Conditions at Remand Homes

    Lady Justice Margaret Mutonyi, the Gulu resident High Court Judge has asked the government improve conditions in remand homes across the country. Justice Mutonyi says she was not impressed after her recent visit to Gulu as well as Kampiringisa Remand Home in Mpigi district adding that the children are not being offered the best after […]

  • Nwoya Woman Survives Lynching after Husband Commits Suicide

      Ms Christine Lalam, a resident of Latoro village, Purongo Sub County in Nwoya district has been forced to seek refuge at Nwoya Central Police Station after an angry mob descended following the death of her husband. After the news of the death of Mr Ocaya Omaya 44, spread across the village on Sunday afternoon, […]

  • Male Sexual Violence Survivors in North Still Suffer in Silence

    Men and boys who experienced sexual violence during the brutal conflict that ravaged much of northern Uganda, perpetuated by alleged government say that they are continuing to suffer in silence. Male rape during the war in Northern Uganda has rarely been documented, so data is very hard to find and the victims are not willing […]

  • 76-Years-Old Man Abandons Chase For Claim For War Debt Compensation

    A 76-years-old resident of Ogul in Paicho Sub County, Gulu district says that he has been forced to abandon, after years of frustration; the pursuit of compensation for his animals that were robbed in broad daylight by gun wielding government soldiers. Mzee Cosantino Ouma Ociti says that he lost 89 heads of cattle in 1988 […]

  • UPDF Accused Of Grabbing Padwat Land in Lamwo

    Members of the Padwat Clan in Palabek Ogili Sub County, Lamwo district have accused the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) under the 5th Division of encroaching on their land which includes their ancestral burial grounds. Clan leaders say that, without the community’s authority, the UPDF has intruded into the community land in Padwat village, Palabek […]

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