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  • Museveni Is a Delicate Guest at The Acholi Cultural Festival

    On Saturday I met a friend- Awel Uwihanganye whose NGO (CEED) is at the centre of organising the Gulu Marathon. Awel is very passionate about events in northern Uganda and has worked with many nonprofits in the region. After exchanging pleasantries, the first issue that popped up in our conversation was whether I will be […]

  • Omoro Bans Commercial Tree Cutting

    Omoro District authorities have imposed a temporary ban on commercial tree cutting following a worrying trend in depletion of natural forests. The decision was reached during a full council meeting held at the district council hall in Lalogi Sub County in Omoro district. The Omoro district council’s decision follows concerns of indiscriminate tree cutting by […]

  • Gulu Pleads with Gov’t over Taxi Park fees

    Gulu Municipal Council authorities have pleaded with government to hold its directive banning daily collections from taxi operators saying it will affect the municipality’s revenue collections. In September, the Ministry of Local Government issued a directive after the presidential order banning all the daily collections from taxis. According to the directive, all taxi and bus […]

  • A security Guard & a District Police Commander, What Happened?

    What would an ununiformed, unarmed district police commander be doing alone in a deserted part of Gulu town in the wee hours of a Wednesday  morning? That is  the question many in Gulu are asking after Joseph Ayiki, the acting Gulu district police commander was shot in the leg by a security guard at TAK […]

  • Gulu To Get More Roads Under World Bank Project

    Gulu municipality will in the next eight months increase the 17.23 more kilometers of road to its next work, according to the Town Clerk Francis Barabanawe. The roads will be constructed under the multi-billion shillings road infrastructural development fund by World Bank to Gulu Municipal Council under the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID). […]

  • Former Chief Peace negotiator reveals why LRA chose DRC jungles

    Rwot Yusuf Okwonga Adek, the former chief peace negotiator between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebel and the government of Uganda has said he personally warned LRA leader, Joseph Kony against leading his army back to northern Uganda. Rwot Okwonga he advised Kony against causing further mayhem to his people after the failed 2006 Juba […]

  • Despite Efforts, Gender Based Violence Rages On In Northern Uganda

      By Ruth Atim “I was a very violent man who would drink a lot and batter his wife,” confesses Michael Ali, 38, from Coo-pee village about 8kms out of Gulu town. Mr Ali, is now considered a ‘‘model Man’’ after having undergone training by Gulu Women Economic Development and Globalization (GWED- G), a Gulu-based NGO […]

  • Magistrate Calls For Tough Guidelines On Land Acquisition

    The Amuru and Nwoya district grade Two Magistrate Mr Joseph Angole has called on the district land committees to intensify reviews on applications for leasehold titles before granting them to individuals and investors in the district. Speaking in a recent interview with Acholi Times, Mr Angole said land officials in the two districts have been […]

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