Aspirants should campaign in English

Aruu County Member of Parliament in Pader district, Mr Odonga Otto has proposed that aspirants for parliamentary seats should campaign in English to be sure that they can fully represent their electorate.

Mr Otto noted that some of his colleagues have never spoken in parliament even as their term is about to end while others are unable to speak clear English.

“In Acholi, we have about 15 members of parliament but we have some who have not even made their maiden speeches in parliament, (Bedo calo gucero kapiem lingo), like a contest of who can be the most silent person,” Mr Otto said

He said this during a press conference on Monday where he announced that he would be seeking for re-election as area MP.

He said some MPs do not know how to speak good English and are often an embarrassment whenever they get up to speak.

“We have two MPs in Acholi that when they get up to speak in Parliament, their problem begins from grammar construction, every time they get up to speak, we bow our heads down because they are about to make mistakes.

He said this kind of leadership should not be accepted adding that some of them are in opposition while others are in the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

“I would advice such kind of people who can not represent their people, who cannot talk to just consider not even going to the nomination center,” Mr Otto advised.

Gulu Municipality MP, Mr Christopher Achire is among the legislators from Acholi Sub region who have been accused of not speaking on the floor of parliament.

“I don’t know if that is his strategy,” Mr Otto said.

Mr Achire recently announced that he would not be seeking re-election in 2016 saying he is tired of politics.

“I am done with politics. I do not want to talk about it anymore. Let people accuse me of anything but at the moment, all I am waiting for is my term to expire and I leave Parliament,” he is quoted to have said in April this year.

Mr Achire said he is no longer bothered about politics and because of this, has not organized any political rally.

It is about eight months to the end of the current political term and political parties are preparing for primary elections to elect their flag bearers for the general election set for 2016.