Energy project launched with a call to embrace environmental friendly practices

Environmental stakeholders from the East Acholi districts of Kitgum, Pader, Agago and Lamwo commemorated the 2015 world environmental day with a call to the populace to embrace environmental friendly practices.

During the celebration that attracted dignitaries from the four districts and other development partners at Kitgum Bomah grounds last week; an energy project being funded by the European Union (EU) and the Church of Sweden being implemented by the Lutheran world federation (LWF) was launched to address the key challenges affecting environmental degradation and concerns.

Speaking on behalf of LWF, Mr Andrew Masaba stressed that over 66 percent of the populace of Uganda still light local paraffin latern (Laput) while 95 percent of the populace in Northern Uganda still widely depends on charcoal and fire wood for cooking in the urban and rural areas respectively which is dangerous to human health and the environment.

“With the high percentage of environmental degradation and only a meagre 2 out of 10 households only committed to planting trees. This is not enough to address this problem that’s why I feel this project should be embraced,” Said Masaba.

He decried the bad environmental degradation practices of using paraffin lamps (laput) for lighting and utilising firewood and charcoal for cooking that are still embraced widely saying the practice is dangerous to the environment and humans.

Kitgum district forest officer, Mr Martin Anywar said environmental degradation and poor environmental management is responsible for the unnecessary rampant hot air which has led to the erratic rains.

If unabated, this will contribute to global warming coupled with its challenges, He said.

Mr Jasper Okello, the Kitgum LWF ‘s Energy facility project officer says the four year project under the theme; “seven billion dreams, One planet; Consume with care” will mainly focus  on massive tree planting campaigns, sensitizing the masses to embrace utilisation of energy saving stoves for cooking and the use of cost effective solar lamps for lighting.

He says the four year project that is targeted to benefit over 500,000 beneficiaries in the four districts will also seek measures of sensitizing the populace on embracing alternative sources of energy and environmental degraders particularly commercial charcoal burners to commence other alternative sources of livelihoods.

Kitgum district youth Councilor, Mr Emmanuel Lapyem says the East Acholi districts are committed in ensuring that all enormous government programs integrate and streamline environmental ideologies as stipulated in the district and national development plans.