Another Obote son to contest for president

Bishop Edward Stanley Maitum Engena, The son of Dr Apollo Milton Obote, the former president of Uganda who has joined the race to oust president Museveni from power says he wants to bring change.

During a press conference held in Gulu two weeks ago, Bishop Engena said he will contest as an independent candidate for the 2016 general elections because of the current mess in the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC).

‘‘Everything has crumbled in the country due to drivers who have no integrity, I lived with a man (late president Obote) who left power with nothing yet did a lot for his country in terms of development’’ Engena said.

He said that he wants to bring sanity to the political arena which is currently influenced by corruption and dishonesty.

He says that Uganda is his home and he believes that he is going to contribute to the welfare of Uganda without people having to run to exile in future.

‘‘I understand all the fears and perceptions but people should believe that there is God and he is responsible for raising kings,’’ Engena said.

‘‘We need to work within the circumstances within the environment and create change and it is now,’’ He added.

‘‘I am coming as a peace maker and I am not going to be affiliated to the traditional UPC or Obote foundation because with the intrigue in the party, it will be hard for them to take over power,”

‘‘I have not come to compete with my brother but we are all water bodies moving in different directions and destined for higher offices,’’ He said.