Amuru Residents Get 101 Cattle Under Restocking Program

Amuru district leaders seeing the restocking cattle before they were distributing

Amuru district leaders inspect the cattle on Thursday before they were being given out to vulnerable individuals under the government’s restocking programme(Photo: James Onono)

Amuru district local government on Thursday handed over 101 cattle to Pabbo sub county residents under the cattle restocking program in the office of the prime minister.

Amuru Chief Administrative Officer, Kiplangat Martin, said that giving out the animals marks the launching of the animal distribution in the entire Amuru district in the financial year 2015/2016.

Kiplangat added that a total of 538 cattle will be given out in Amuru. The animals are being Kakise holding limited, a company that has been contracted by to supply the cattle.

Kiplangat said all the intended beneficiaries will get their animals.

“I am urging all beneficiaries who have already been identified to be calm because all of you will get the animals,’’ he said.

Eighteen of the cows that should have been delivered by Kakise Holdings have not yet been delivered by the company. Kiplangat promised to follow up the matter so the beneficiaries receive them.

Dr Okwonga Batolomaio Amuru District Veterinary Officer urged the beneficiaries to care of the health of the animals so that they don’t lose them.

Ocaya Benson, one of those who received the cows said he was grateful to government for the restocking programme.

Bilak Jamoro Amuru RDC who was the chief guest during the launch of cattle restocking distribution warned that those who will not manage their animals well will be reprimanded.

“I am warning you to take good care of these animal because the community chose you as a person who has never benefitted from any government program and as most vulnerable so if you abuse this animal we shall arrest you, “ the RDC told  excited beneficiaries from Pabbo sub county.

Before war wrecked northern Uganda, the region had a high population of cattle.  Cattle rearing was one of the major economic activities. But  the the animals were looted by marauding militias,  Karimojong rustlers and the National Resistance Rebels(NRA), depriving communities a major means of livelihood.