Muhoozi Doesn’t Want To Be President—Minister Oryem


The State minister for Foreign Affairs and Chua County Member of Parliament in Kitgum district Mr Henry Okello Oryem has said President Museveni’s son Maj Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba will not succeed his father as  alleged by critics.

According to Mr Oryem, Gen Muhoozi who was recently dropped as Special Forces Commander (SFC) and appointed Special Presidential Advisor in charge of operations is not interested in ascending to power.

Critics however view his recent appointment as a presidential advisor and subsequent rise in ranks since joining the army in 1994 as steps being undertaken by Mr Museveni to strategically place his son for a possible future shot on the presidency.

Minister Oryem said over weekend that he has been reading and hearing about the so- called ‘‘Muhoozi Project’’ but added that the First Son had told him (Oryem) that he (Muhoozi) is not interested in the presidency.

“I have talked and discussed with the young man [Gen Muhoozi] and he told me he has no ambition to be president or succeed his father. I wish people could leave him alone on this presidency inheritance,” Mr Oryem said.

Oryem made the remarks on Saturday at Lapana in Namukora sub county during a memorial service held for his late father and former Ugandan president  Gen Tito Okello Lutwa. Lutwa was president of Uganda between July 1985 and January 1986.

The memorial service was attended by President Museveni, residents, local leaders, Ministers and Foreign envoys to Uganda.

“I have lived with Gen Muhoozi for quite a long time, I know him very well. I still want to clarify very well that the rumours are not true, Gen Muhoozi doesn’t want to be president,” Mr Oryem said.

Oryem father and the Museveni’s were neighbours while exiled in Tanzania in the 1970’s.

Oryem, whose father was toppled by President Museveni in a military coup on January 26 1986, was first appointed state minister for Education and Sports in 2001 before being appointed to his current position in 2004.

The so- called Muhoozi project was attributed to then army coordinator of intelligence services Gen David Sejusa’s in 2013 in his letter requesting investigation into an alleged plot to assassinate top army officials opposed to a perceived scheme by Museveni to make Muhoozi to succeed him.

In 2013, President Museveni refuted claims that he was grooming his son for presidency saying Uganda was not a monarchy.

Gen Muhoozi has insisted he has no presidential ambition but this has not taken away talk that his father is grooming him for the presidency.