Lorry Plunges In Karuma Falls

Part of the bridge had earlier been damaged by a heavy lorry(look at the extreme right side of the bridge)(Alemi James, online photo)

A lorry truck said to have been travelling from  Nwoya district in the direction of Kampala has plunged into the Karuma falls, eye witness have told Acholi Times.

Eye witnesses say the lorry , a Canter tipper registration number UET 531F , white in colour , plunged in the falls around 1:45pm on Thursday afternoon.

David Okema a journalist who contributes for the Acholi Times said the lorry lost control and plunged in the water as the bus they were travelling in approached the bridge.

The driver of the vehicle is said to have survived  and is being treated at a medical facility in Karuma.

Earlier, a police source said, part of the bridge was damaged by heavy lorry but vehicles were nevertheless still using the bridge.