Amuru Boss Released After Police Questioning

Micheal Lakony speaking to the media at the Gulu court premises. He was released on police bond for alleged aggravated robbery

Michael Lakony, the Amuru District LCV Chairperson who is battling aggravated robbery charges has been released on police bond more than six hours after he was arrested.

Lakony drove himself to Aswa River Region Headquarters where he was later questioned by police detectives over his alleged role in the robbery of 6 million.

It is alleged that in December 2016, Lakony and eight other suspects waylaid a truck in in in Pabbo in Amuru district and robbed 6 million shillings cash, two spare tyres of truck and a jerk using deadly weapons. He and other alleged robbers are said to have taken 120 bags of charcoal.

Geoffrey Kabi, an NRM party mobilizer who is the complaint in the case says Lakony and his group also dented a part of the lorry was laden with charcoal and that he was travelling in. sKabi alleges that he was violently attacked and wants justice done.

Other suspects accused alongside the Amuru district LCV Chairperson are; Charles Ogwetta Oryem, Catherine Apiyo Oywa, Abola P’ Lacaka.

Three suspects arrested in connection with the aggravated robbery case are still on remand awaiting trial at the High Court.

But at 4:20pm on Thursday, the Amuru LCV boss was release on non- cash police bond of 15 million shilling. His sureties were; Geoffrey Oringa Largoo, the Pader LCV Chairperson and his Agago counterpart, Leonard Ojok Opio and the Nwoya district Vice Chairperson, Betty Kibwota.

Lakony is expected to report back to police on August 7.

His lawyer, Walter Ladwar Okidi, says his client was released on Police bond because the State has informed them that the case file for his client is not ready.

Aggravated Robbery is a capital offence and one is liable to suffer death on conviction.

Last year the Amuru district local council passed a resolution stopping production and sale of charcoal on a commercial level as part of a strategy to protect the environment. The charcoal that Lakony and his co-accused are alleged to have, among others, robbed, were delivered to Pabbo sub county headquarters from where they were publicly auctionend