Gulu Land Owners Threaten To Block Multi-billion National Water Project

The current sewerage treatment plant build in 1990 that serves over 50,000 residents of Gulu town

A Row has erupted between landowners and the National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NW&SC) over compensation for land earmarked for the construction of a new sludge in Pece division, Gulu Municipality.

This after NW&SC proposed that each of the land owners affected by the multi-billion shillings water and sanitation project will receive 30 percent of the total value of their land. The project is expected to cost 22 million dollars to be financed by the World Bank.

 At least 22 families, all occupying prime plots  measuring 4 acres situated in Cubu ‘A &B’ sub-ward in Pece Division are to vacate their land to pave way for the beginning of construction of the sludge.

But the land owners have protested the NW&SC proposal.

One of the land owners who preferred anonymity said he is disappointed with the NW&SC for what he described as an unfair deal.

The aggrieved land owners say that their land has been undervalued.

Two weeks ago a meeting between the land owners and officials from NW&SC ended in chaos after section of the land owners said their plots were marked as unknown while others said their separate plots were marked as one when they are separate.

Eleven of the 22 landowners affected land owners say they are unsatisfied with the valuing of their land by  NW& SC.

Under a new project, NW& SC intends to increase clean water production capacity for its customers in Gulu and its surrounding areas from the current 5 million litres per day to 10 million litres.

The project which has already been awarded will be undertaken by Welhai International Economic and Technical Cooperative Company Ltd (WIETC), a Chinese construction company.

Samuel Apedel, the National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NW&SC), Public Relations Manager, when contacted on Monday said the project is in public interest and government is ready to pay all the landowners.

Apedel says their office is open to listen to those with grievances and adds that no that no single person is in danger of not to receiving compensation for the piece of land that will be affected by the project.

According to the NW& SC Spokesman, compensation of affected landowners will be carried out as expected under the law.