Fear In Attiak Over Roaming Hippos

A hippopotamus (Internet Photo)

Residents of Okidi Parish in Attiak Sub County, Amuru district, are living in fear after residents reported spotting three hippos roaming the village in the night.

Okidi sits on the banks of River Unyama which has lately broken its banks due to heavy rains in nearby Elegu. The river is a tributary of the Nile. When it fills up, hippos are thought to swim from the Nile to river Unyama and end up in the villages such as are found in Okidi parish.

The stray animals, residents say, have been spotted in Ogom Raa, Opara and Ogom villages, all located in Okidi parish.

James Ocan, a resident of Opara said he first spotted the animals on Friday last week after his dogs insistently barked in the night.

Ocan says villagers in the three parishes are now living in fear for being attacked by the beasts.

Charles Okello another resident of Opara said they have restricted their movements—going back to their homes by 5pm so they don’t cross path with the hippos which feed in the evening and at night.

Amuru district chairperson Michael Lakony said the Uganda Wild Life Authority has been informed about the presence of the animals in Okidi.

In 2012 a stray hippopotamus killed two residents of Okidi parish before it was killed by the community.