Acholi Cultural Institution ‘Shuts’ Door to NGO’s Contradiction Tradition

Acholi Paramount Chief Rwot David Onen Acana II

The Acholi Cultural institution Premier Mr Ambrose Olaa has disclosed that the institution is cautious about partnering with Non-Governmental Organizations [NGO’s] citing that
some of them are in contradiction with Acholi tradition.

“We have found that some of the intention of the NGO’s we partner with only goes to destroy our culture because they begin promoting things that are against our culture,” Mr Olaa said without mentioning any organization by name.

The Premier said some of the organizations have been insisting on getting the institution’s position on homosexuality, something he said doesn’t resonate with Acholi culture.

He however observed that due to financial challenges the institution faces in documenting Acholi culture, it has on occasions been forced to rely on NGO’s which he said comes with strings attached.

The Acholi premier made the remarks recently in Gulu on the sidelines of the launch and  dissemination of two bilingual hand books on using culture to promote women’s

The launch attracted was attended by cultural, religious leaders and members of the civil society organizations from the Acholi sub-region.

The function was organized by Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda [CCFU], an organization which aims at enhancing women’s empowerment using culturally-defined rights in Acholi.

Mr Amoni Kitooke, the Programme officer CCFU said research his organization had carried out across 56 chiefdom in Acholi found that cultural practices and values are relevant in strengthening the realization of women’s rights.

Ms Rosalba Oywa, the Executive Director People’s Voice for Peace, a Gulu-based  lauded the launch of the bilingual books saying that it will help restore the values and rights of women in the Acholi society.