Gulu Municipal Councilors Condemn Police Over Age Limit

Gulu municipal offices

Gulu Municipal Council councilors have condemned the police over a recent blocking of an age limit consultation rally by Gulu woman member of parliament Betty Aol Ocan.

The event was also attended by Forum for Democratic Change party former president, Kizza Besigye, the FDC secretary for mobilization Ingrid Turinawe and Kelly Komakech the Pece division chairperson, among FDC party officials.

The councilors were on Wednesday last week speaking during a council meeting at the municipal yard in Gulu town.

Okwera Peter Onen, the speaker Gulu Municipal Council said him and his colleagues were unhappy with that they termed police brutality in stopping the rally.

Pauline Lukwayi, the Gulu deputy mayor and councilor for Kirombe parish expressed concern that the teargas used by the police against the public may pose health risks.

The police has come under heavy criticism for what critics say is the selective manner in which they have treated the consultations on whether to lift the age limit clause out of the 1995 constitution. The police has been seen as lenient to those from the NRM party who want the clause lifted while clamping down on those opposed to it.

Denis Nono, the secretary community based services and councilor for Iriaga parish lashed at police for blocking the consultative meeting saying that the rally was lawful.

Police in Gulu last week fired teargas and dispersed hundreds of people from Kaunda grounds in Gulu town who had come to attend an anti- age limit rally.