Kilak South MP Threatens To Resign In 2021

Gilbert Olanya has threatened to resign in 2021

Kilak South Member of Parliament Gilbert Olanya has said he will resign in 2021 saying his term of office will have expired by that time.

Mr Olanya said his resignation will be in protest to president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni`s recent decision to sign into law a bill which extends the term of office for members of parliament from five to seven years. The bill also strikes off from the constitution the cap of 75 years for anyone who wants to be president. It also extends the president’s term of office from five to seven.

Olanya said the voters gave him a mandate for five and not seven years.

Lucy Akello the Amuru woman member of parliament said a decision to resign from office would not be wise as it will lead to wastage of tax payer’s money in by-elections. She instead advised that the law should be challenged in the courts.