Wildfire Kills Gulu Woman

Wildfires are common in Acholi during the dry season, set up by hunters and those clearing land for farming and for animal feeds (Photo James Owich)

A 60-year-old woman was killed by wildfire in Lalworo village, Paicho Sub County in Gulu while trying to save her crops from being burnt by a wild fire.

The victim, Karla Aceng rushed to her garden to harvest pigeon pea when fire suspected to have been started by hunters powered by strong winds swept  through her garden.

The incident happened on Sunday last week.

Michael Olum, the area Local Council One Chairperson for Lalworo village confirmed the incident and said Aceng tried to run and save her life but the smoke quickly engulfed her before being burnt to death. Olum described the incident as unfortunate.

On Tuesday last week, a 1-year and 5-month- old girl identified as Kolesia Lakica, a resident of Gongo village in Angagura Sub County, Pader district was burnt to death.

A similar incident occurred  on January 9 when a 70-year-old Margret Ladule, a resident of Madi Kiloc village in Padibe West Sub County in Lamwo district was killed by a wildfire.

Ladule who reportedly had mental illness was sleeping in the bush when fire killed her.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River Region police warned that those who set fires which end up destroying property and killing people will be charged with murder and arson respectively.

It is a common practice in northern Uganda during the dry season for grass to be set on fire by hunters, those clearing  the land for animal feeds, and in preparation for farming when the rains return